Week #4: Red Velvet Cupcakery

Since I’m heading to New Hampshire this weekend to go visit my brother, sister in law and nephew, I decided to pursue Week #4 cupcake last night by heading to Red Velvet Cupcakery. I chose this location this week based on location as well as hours because it was located within a reasonable distance on the metro and was open until 11 p.m. so I could go after I got back from work.

I was excited to hit this local hot spot because if it’s in the top 5 Google hits when I type in “Cupcake Bakerys in D.C.” into Google, it has to be good! I headed out to their Chinatown location a neat spot because it is a great area to explore and check out restaurants. Walking up to Red Velvet Cupcakery it was adorned with Valentine’s decorations in the window, the display case of cupcakes prominently calling me inside. Standing in front of dozens of cupcakes was intimidating as I tried to focus on the placards that described each one.

I settled on the “Featured Cupcake”, a yellow cake batter cupcake with pretzel dust mixed in with chocolate frosting and a decorative chocolate covered pretzel for garnish. It was the very last one they had and although it was held back from the display case because the frosting had been messed up, the young man behind the counter (shout out to my buddy Will!) offered it to me at a reduced price. Bonus!

The store itself is very cute and the perfect place to grab a cupcake before heading out on a walk around China town but unfortunately, the lack of seating was a problem in terms of the immediate gratification of my purchase. Problem solvers that we are, Rebecca and Jared (my counter-parts on this adventure) and I went next door to the Frozen Yogurt cafe to properly analyze our prize.


So, with that, here’s the run-down:

Appearance: In terms of appearance, I can’t fairly judge this cupcake because they did indeed keep it back due to “lack of pleasing visual appearance” but I’m sure with a chocolate covered pretzel placed perfectly on top it would be quite cutesy.

Frosting to cake ratio: Much like Georgetown Cupcake, the aethestics of the cupcake’s frosting gave it that pleasing cupcake shape and form that we have come to expect but for me, it was too much. You can’t have more frosting than cake and I feel like that’s what you often get with cupcakes that have that cone of frosting on top.

Frosting: The frosting was a very very rich chocolate frosting, but a bit bitter for me. To those who enjoy chocolates that taste nearly “healthy” (dare I say it) may like this frosting because it is certainly not overwhelmingly sweet but for me, I say bring on the sugary goodness!

Cake: In ordering the feature cupcake, I was most intrigued by the cake. Although the cake was sadly too dry, I really liked the flavor mixed in pretzels provided. There were no crunchy pieces of pretzel so they must have ground it into a find powder or something of the sort but it was a satisfying blend of sweet and salty that was very pleasing.

Overall, here’s the report card:

I do feel a little guilty giving out my first ‘C’. Cupcakes are all SO good, but I gotta make sure that the top cupcakes get top rankings so I want to make sure I’m fulfilling my duty as a connoisseur of cupcakes and letting you know what I truly think.

I do, however, think I will give Red Velvet Cupcakery another try, in the morning when the cupcakes are fresh, and make sure to pick the cupcake with their namesake 🙂

Until then, 3 cheers for cupcakes!

– Crazy Cupcake Lady


About amyaengle

A college cupcake connoisseur in pursuit of the perfect cupcake Washington, D.C. has to offer!
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