Exclusive Preview: Sprinkles Cupcakes!

The only  thing more exciting than the opening of a brand new cupcake shop for me to try out is getting to go to the GRAND OPENING party before the public even has a chance to peak inside!! I was extremely lucky that The Georgetowner gave me the opportunity to attend the pre-opening party on Tuesday night, it was such a treat. The shop is so cutesy in a warm and cozy “mom’s kitchen” kind of way with wooded benches and warm colors adorning the walls. Upstairs was another treat in itself with the party room complete with Sprinkles pink floors, a table and open space for guests as well as a glass countertop through which you could see cupcakes being served on the floor below! All night there were servers walking around with mini-cupcakes giving us all a chance to try each flavor in a size that wouldn’t make us feel quite so guilty!

Sprinkles Founders Candace and Charles Nelson

Yesterday afternoon, during a bit of quiet time before the craziness of opening day hits,  I even got a chance to sit  down with Candace Nelson, who founded Sprinkles with her husband Charles back in 2005. As a cupcake enthusiast I was so excited to just sit and talk about cupcakes with someone who obviously has a passion for them as well. I felt so lucky! What struck me most about Candace and Charles was the fact that they haven’t let the fame get to them. Charles was working along side the painters and construction workers when I arrived, opening the door kindly as I intruded their work space. Candace was such a down to earth sweetheart with an obvious passion for baking, and a great entrepreneurial mind!

The bakery was quiet yesterday, as all workers and servers got the day off to rest up for the Grand Opening today, and yet Candance and Charles were still there working hard, the constant drive behind their dream. When asked about the local cupcake competition, Candace’s smile revealed that there’s no menacing goal in opening a shop here. “What we’ve found is that when we move into a new city, it’s not that we’re taking a slice of the pie that would be going to other cupcake shops,” She said. “Instead the market grows.” While it might seem hard to believe, with over 20 cupcake bakerys in the DC area alone, I have no doubt that there will always be more room for cupcakes!

This was such a unique experience filled with PLENTY of cupcake love so… here’s what I thought 🙂

Flavors I tried: Red Velvet, Vanilla Lemon Coconut and Cinnamon Sugar.

Red Velvet: I’ve had a couple red velvet cupcakes in my time here and this one was certainly at the top of the pack. Despite it being a teeny tiny cupcake it was extremely moist, and the rich cream cheese frosting was the perfect complimentary flavor.

Vanilla Lemon Coconut: I wanted to try something with a unique twist and this was it! The vanilla cake and lemon frosting complimented each other very nicely while the coconut gave that tropical hint with a bit of chew.

Cinnamon Sugar: This was one of my favorite things about Sprinkles.  When we left the event we were able to take home 6 cupcakes, to sample and share of course. I picked a Cinnamon Sugar cupcake as one of my choices because it had, no frosting! Don’t get me wrong, frosting can be great sometimes but I really am a cake girl so a cupcake adorned with just cinnamon sugar was exciting! I may have eaten it for breakfast the next morning and  I really couldn’t get enough. It was the perfect blend of spiced cake and sweet cinnamon sugar, without too-sweet frosting to get in the way. I’ll be getting that one again!

So… here’s the rundown:

Appearance: Tantalizing in a way that only home-made cupcakes can be. While these cupcakes are obviously made with care and attention to detail, they ‘re also not over-done in a way that makes them un-edible! I love that they’re just simple cupcakes, asking to be devoured.

Cake to Frosting Ratio: While, with the cinnamon sugar cupcake this wasn’t an issue, but quite frankly, I didn’t notice it being a problem on any of the cupcakes I ate. Even the mini cupcakes which I often find have too much frosting per the amount of cake I devoured without a second glance. The bigger cupcakes have, in my opinion, the perfect amount of frosting as the shape of the cupcake comes from the cake itself not a dome of frosting on top. Awesome!

Frosting: The frosting on each of the cupcakes was well suited for their particular cake flavors. All the frostings were rich and creamy, soft enough that they blended smoothly into each bite. Each bite was what I might deem “the perfect bite” where you get the optimal amount of cake to frosting, usually you only find this at one point while eating a cupcake but for Sprinkles, it’s in every single bite!

Cake: Extremely moist and flavorful. I was most enthused about the Cinnamon Sugar cake as the butter milk spiced cupcake was everything I hoped it would be, but all of the other flavors I tried left nothing to be desired.

I feel so lucky to have gotten these opportunities this week. I am still amazed how a silly blog about cupcakes has given me so many opportunities. I am sure that Sprinkles will only add to the amazing Cupcake Community (yes, really, there is one) of DC and I encourage everyone to go out and give them a try!

Ali Wentworth of BabyLoveDC at the Grand Opening of Sprinkles!

This weekend my roommate Jane and friend Matt are coming to visit and will be helping me pick my next cupcake shop to hit up. If you have an suggestions I am more than willing to listen! I love your feed-back! 🙂 Until next time… Three cheers for cupcakes!

– a.e.

**Check out the video of my interview with Candace on the videos page!**


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A college cupcake connoisseur in pursuit of the perfect cupcake Washington, D.C. has to offer!
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2 Responses to Exclusive Preview: Sprinkles Cupcakes!

  1. Natalie says:

    I stumbled upon your blog through Sprinkles’ twitter account. As a fellow cupcake enthusiast, I love your cupcake quest and detailed reviews of all the places you’ve tried. I have been a Sprinkles loyalist for years visiting their Beverly Hills and Dallas locations whenever I can. To this day, I have not found a cupcake that rivals the quality of Sprinkles.

    I was seriously thinking about ordering cupcakes from Georgetown Cupakes, but after reading your review, I’m reconsidering spending the money to have them shipped.

    Good luck with your cupcake quest. I’m jealous of all the places you’ve tried!

    • amyaengle says:

      Natalie – Thanks for the comment! I really love hearing from other cupcake enthusiasts, I know there are a lot of us! Sprinkles Cupcakes are really a cut above the rest, I can only hope it will inspire other cupcake bakeries to take on a challenge to see if they can rival these cupcakes that are quickly spreading nationwide! I would love to hear from anyone who thinks they have a cupcake that might come close. I’ll take any excuse to try yet another 🙂 If you’re ever out in the D.C. area be sure to try some of the local bakeries too, there are a lot of gems in this city. Thanks for your feed back!

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