Week #14: Curbside Cupcake! (Finally!)

My oh my how wonderfully my world of cupcakes has turned out to be! Sometimes the best cupcake adventures are the unexpected and today was definitely one of those treats! After a late lunch due to a long Palm Sunday service, I headed out to Eastern Market to check out the Flea Market they have each Sunday. It was an absolutely perfect afternoon for the occasion!

As soon as we got above ground from the Metro, we were greeted by none other than Pinky, the Curbside Cupcake mobile! I’ve been struggling all semester trying to get to Curbside Cupcake, I even got friends to help me persuade them to come to Georgetown only to fail miserably and stay home the one day they actually did. I didn’t have a cupcake stop planned for this week, as my boyfriend John, who was the one who originally told me I had to find the best cupcake in D.C. before his arrival, will finally be here! I wasn’t about to miss an opportunity as perfect as this so after perusing the flea market goods, we topped off the afternoon with cupcakes.

Amazing how cupcakes can bring people together!

Shout out to the Curbside Cupcake man for hooking me up with one of their delicious cupcakes without even hesitating. I ended up with their newest Banana Chocolate Chip, which I’m pretty sure I’ve drooled thinking about ever since I saw their tweets announcing its arrival. Bananas and chocolate? Touche my friends, that is one heck of a stellar combination. I was like a little kid promised a reward for being good as I held my little paper bag tight while we made a second loop around the market.

Rebecca decided shed take the safe route and eat her PB&J cupcake before it melted in the beautiful sunshine. Her report? Delicious!

After dinner I finally sat down to dig in and man, it was SO worth the wait!

Nom. Double Nom.

Okay Okay SO, here’s what I thought:

Appearance : Simple yet the perfect classic cupcake. No bells and whistles to work around, just a great cupcake waiting for you to take that first bite.

Frosting: I am becoming more intrigued at the number of different frostings I’ve encountered in my cupcake adventures here in DC. In case you were wondering, all frosting is DEFINITELY not alike! This was what I might describe as the perfect chocolate frosting. Seriously. It was so rich and yet not overwhelmingly heavy as chocolate tends to be. It was like whipped rich chocolate, absolutely amazing.

Cake:  I was kind of skeptical about a banana cupcake, often qualifying anything fruity, (esp banana) as more of a muffin flavor rather than a cupcake. I was extremely pleasantly surprised by this cake! It had a light real banana flavor versus artificial banana as so many “banana” flavored things taste. It went extremely well with the whipped chocolate frosting! My only disappointment lay in the lack of choco chips… there were maybe 4-5 little chocolate chips all at the bottom of my cupcake but not dotted through the cake as I might have hoped.

Cake to Frosting Ratio: In achieving the perfect classic cupcake shape, as seems to be a trend, there was a bit too much frosting for my liking. I didn’t have much problem eating a couple bites off the top each time in order to achieve the right balance, but without doing that the chocolate frosting definitely outplayed the light banana flavor. I did appreciate however that the frosting was centrally placed on the cupcake as that meant I could remove the wrapper without all the mess!

Now for the report card :

I am still amazed at how well my cupcake adventures have turned out this semester, I don’t think I could have made it work out this well if I had planned it all out. Just goes to show, some of the best things in life are unexpected! Next time you’re out around the city and see a big pink van drive past you should definitely join in on the craze and get yourself a Curbside Cupcake!

My next post will be with the guy behind it all and his verdict on the cupcakes I’ve found so make sure to be on the look out for that!

Until then, 3 huge cheers for spontaneous cupcake adventures!

– Not so secret agent Cupcakes.


About amyaengle

A college cupcake connoisseur in pursuit of the perfect cupcake Washington, D.C. has to offer!
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