#16. Cake Love

An unexpected visit to a shop I thought I might not get to has prompted yet another post! I’ve got a few to catch up on so hopefully you all will be okay with a few extra posts before the grand finale πŸ™‚ Last week was my last week in DC so I had to make sure I did all the important things before I left town, like getting together for one last dinner with my mom’s good friend from college, Sally. Sally has been an incredible blessing in my life this semester, filling in for the mom who was so far away and completely embracing my obsession with cupcakes!

As soon as we found out that Cake Love was re-opening in Silver Spring on April 9th Sally and I began planning a trip to try their cupcakes. As soon as we walked into the shop the two young women behind the counter were so friendly and genuinely interested in hearing about my cupcake blog. It will forever amaze me that I can make so many connections over cupcakes! With 7 shops in the DC, VA area I knew I was in for something good but what I didn’t know was that I’d get to meet the man behind it all, Warren Brown!

Owner and Founder of Cake Love Warren Brown

I was amazed that in the short time I had with Warren, his passion for cakes was so completely evident. He is proud of his business and the success that he has found, and I don’t blame him one bit! Even as we were talking, Warren made sure to point out the aspects that make his cakes stand above the rest, giving me a sample of his distinguishing Italian Meringue butter cream frosting. I feel like such a bad critique for not looking into different kinds of frosting throughout my cupcake adventures, but I was so glad Warren enlightened me, it really did provide a different cupcake experience!

Woah, I just realized that I ended all my above paragraphs with exclamation points, critique if you want, I guess its just more evidence of how much I love my cupcakes πŸ™‚ Sally and I chose three different cupcakes from Cake Love, a S’more cupcake, one called the ’44th’ a salted caramel cupcake in honor of President Obama, and Warren’s personal favorite the New German Chocolate. After dinner and of course a photo session featuring the beautiful cakes, we began the ever so scientific process of analyzing each one.

New German Chocolate Cupcake

Appearance: Cake Love’s tagline is ‘Cakesfrom scratch’ and these cupcakes were a true testament to the made with love feel. Each cupcake looked home made, not made by a machine, and that’s definitely something I can appreciate! I loved the large flakes of coconut on top of the New German Chocolate cupcake because it gave it a different look that set it apart from a German chocolate cake you could get at any other bakery.

Cake: The cake from Cake Love was moist (one of my biggest requirements now) and I’m not sure how to describe it other than dense and spongy. The bonds between the flours and sugars in the cake were very tightly knit, making for a solid, satisfying cake.

The S'more cupcake had the PERFECT chocolate cake, fudgy, not overwhelming. Loved it!

Frosting: After having heard from Warren himself about the Italian Meringue Buttercream frosting, I was excited togive it a try. The frosting was so smooth and whipped, almost like a whipped cream topping rather than frosting. In a sense this was really good as the two flavors of the cake and the frosting blended easily into one in your mouth, but I also didn’t find it quite as satisfying as the frosting I remember from childhood. It was, however, the perfect sweetness, not overbearing as most frosting can become, which was one of the main reasons Warren said he used it. For me, since I was trying more than one cupcake it was great to not be overwhelmed by sweetness on the very first bite.

This picture doesn't do this cupcake justice, never did I think I'd like a savory cupcake but I agree with Obama on this one, it was top notch!

Cake to Frosting Ratio: I have to give two thumbs up to Warren and his crew for this one! The cupcakes were perfectly home-made and had that ‘mom doesn’t want the kids to go into a sugar coma’ layer of just the right amount of frosting on top. I didn’t have to scrape any off to equal out the cake to frosting ratio, which I always end-up licking off making me look ridiculous, so thank you for that Cake Love!

And so… Here is the final report card for my cupcake adventures in Washington, D.C.!

The fun with cupcakes never seems to cease πŸ™‚ Make sure to check out Cake Love’s awesome website where you can watch a video starring Warren himself giving you a behind the scenes look at everything Cake Love and give you a preview of what they have to offer if you haven’t made it over to one of their locations yet! If you haven’t though… you probably should put that on the agenda this weekend… just saying πŸ™‚

All the way from back home in the MidWest… 3 cheers for cupcakes!

– Don’t fight the craze


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