Cupcake Negligence

Hello Friendly Followers!

I know I’ve been terribly negligent lately, giving you guys nothing new and interesting to read. (Or ways to distract yourselves from doing the things that need to get done… trust me, they can STILL wait) But! You have been so loyal, so I really am going to try to give you something fun to look at šŸ™‚

This semester while I was in DC and became so obsessed with cupcakes, they soon appeared nearly everywhere I turned ! From a greeting card in the dangerous Paper Source store to packages from friends and family, cupcake paraphernalia quickly became yet another source of smiles thrown into my daily routine. So now, I will share just a few of those smiles with you!

Cupcake Shaped Easter Eggs -- Hunting for Cupcakes? I've mastered that!

One day, my truly one of a kind adviser Carol Zuegner sent me an e-mail asking for my GWU mailing address, saying she had something I wanted to send my way, “Nothing big,” she said and left it at that. Little did she know that she would make my ENTIRE week by sending me these adorable cupcake containers. They are the perfect way to transport your cupcakes anywhere you want to go!

Cutesy Cupcake Containers Courtesy of Carol šŸ™‚ Oh... alliteration.

Peace. Love. And Cupcakes. What a great motto to live by.

While an obsession with cupcakes may be a ridiculous thing to be known for, I was so tickled to receive fun packages with all things cupcakes inside from John’s mom!

Mary Engelbreicht Cupcake Liners -- Almost too cute to use!

You can never go wrong with a cupcake šŸ™‚ -- Starting a card making stamp collection!

Life's Short -- Celebrate with Cupcakes!

Even since coming back to St. Louis I’ve seen a great deal of cupcake love! Last week Sarah’s Cake Stop truck posted a picture of a little girl who stopped by with a t-shirt that said “I’ll trade my brother for a cupcake.”Ā  I could not agree with her more šŸ™‚ 4 cupcakes seems much more reasonable than 4 brothers šŸ˜‰

If you find any pictures of fun cupcake things please feel free to comment and leave a link!

Until next time…

3 cheers for cupcakes!

– Negligent Ninny


About amyaengle

A college cupcake connoisseur in pursuit of the perfect cupcake Washington, D.C. has to offer!
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