Happy Unofficially Official Prairie Dog Day!

Hear Hear! I, Amy Engle, do here by declare February 3rd to unofficially be known as official Prairie Dog Day, a day just for Prairie Dogs to get all the attention they have been deprived of due to the overwhelming amount of unwarranted attention given to the tomfoolery of Groundhogs just one day before. It has been stated that Kira Olson and Brittany Mascio second this notion. Okay, okay so this maaaay have something to do with my current internship at the epicenter off all things hip and cool, Silicon Prairie News (SPN).

I have to admit something. I’m a little bit jealous of Analog the Prairie Dog, SPN’s official spokesrodent. I just not cool enough to keep up with his witty remarks that clearly get him places like DQ and sweet meet-ups with the SPN crew.  Failing in the wit category I decided to go for something I knew I could trump him in… baking. Ah the joys of opposable thumbs. Alas I knew I had to take a strategic angle on this one, not giving away my secret love/hate relationship for Sir Spokesrodent. For that reason (and potentially a Facebook post from aforementioned BMAS) unofficial Official Prairie Dog Day cupcakes were created!

Prairie Dog Assembly line 🙂 Chocolate Chips for eyes and ears, Mike n Ike noses, sprinkles for teeth.

Analog and friends in the making! -- I used a simple powdered sugar/milk frosting to assemble.

Up close and personal with our favorite "furry" friends 🙂

Our fearless leader Danny Schreiber digs in to celebrate the worthy occasion.

I used my favorite Black Magic Cake recipe for the cupcakes with the suggested frosting recipe except that I used powdered cocoa rather than unsweetened chocolate squares. Beware if you make them that these cupcakes are quite moist so be careful not to over-fill the cupcake liners or they will all run together on the top of the pan. (Lesson Learned… Oven Cleaned…)

While I often remind people that I have perfected eating cupcakes versus making them, I was very happy with the way these little guys came out. Shoutout to Brittany Mascio (BMAS) for the awesome inspiration and Kira Olson (KO) for her enthusiasm for all things Prarie Dog. And… I guess I should give some props to Analog the Prairie Dog, you know what, you aren’t too bad in my book. Maybe you can teach me a thing or two? 🙂 Peace, love and prairie dogs.

Love, y

Your favorite cupcake and animal inspired cookie enthusiast – Amy


About amyaengle

A college cupcake connoisseur in pursuit of the perfect cupcake Washington, D.C. has to offer!
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