A Cupcake Occasion

Hi Everyone! So it seems as if I’m getting in a pattern of a blog post about once every month. Not great but its a start and I still run into something related to cupcakes nearly every single day, they really are everywhere and I love it. Tiny cakes, BIG smiles. 😀

This week I ran into one of my very favorite people, Scott Q. while walking up the mall to class. Scott is one of those people who has friends everywhere he goes, and always manages to brighten my day with one of his famous bear hugs. Beyond being an absolutely awesome individual, Scott also works, of course, at a cupcake shop, Cupcake Island here in Omaha.

Nearly every time I run into Scott, I bring up the cupcake shop, and my great intention to actually get out there sometime to try some of their cupcakes. Scott was quick to mention all of the great St. Patrick’s day cupcakes they were selling this week and that sealed the deal, I decided I would officially make the trip out Friday afternoon.

With me living on 19th street, and the cupcake shop being located on 119th street, its a bit of a hike, but I was excited as John and I rolled out with the windows down in anticipation of cupcake bliss. With temperatures up close to 80 degrees and full sun, it was the perfect day to escape to Cupcake Island!

The yellow awning drew us into the shop with doors wide open as if they had let the essence of the island escape into the day. Inside the shop was exactly what one might have expected, with a full cupcake display of all kinds, from your classic vanilla to pistachio (in both regular and miniature varieties).

After a bit of debate we settled on the seasonal flavors Luck of the Irish (Irish Cream based) and the Drunken Leprechaun (Guinness cake with chocolate whisky filling) both appropriately adorned for the occasion. I proudly and carefully carried my treasure box home on my lap just to make sure they didn’t get away of course.

After a dinner date out and a good walk around Con Agra park we were ready for cupcakes, and I personally couldn’t wait to see how they stacked up! While John likes to poke fun at the way I eat cupcakes these days, slowly analyzing each bite, he’s come to appreciate that now and has even joined in on the critique!

I started with the Irish cream cupcake, a vanilla based cupcake that turned out to be very good but lacking in much of the advertised flavor. While I did get a chance to have a Cupcake Island pseudo preview back in February at the Startup America event, I was happy to see that although their frosting was different, the ratio was still spot on. Just enough to get some with each bite, just the way I like it!

Luck of the Irish (left) and the Drunken Leprechaun (right)

The Guinness cupcake, in contrast, was chocolate based, and the chocolate whiskey filling came as a pleasant surprise to us! Although we didn’t know it was there, it was just the right amount, a perfect addition but overwhelming. Once again, the cupcake was absolutely great but mostly just a chocolate cupcake, neither John nor I could really taste the supposed St. Patrick’s day tributes. Maybe we got one of the rare sober Leprechauns? 🙂

All in all I was very happy with the experience, and glad I finally got a chance to get out that way! Even though it took me over a semester to get there the first time, I hope to escape to Cupcake Island at least a couple more times before I graduate in May.  MmM yep, its true, cupcakes may be tiny cakes but they lead to some super big smiles.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!


The girl who cried CUPCAKE.


About amyaengle

A college cupcake connoisseur in pursuit of the perfect cupcake Washington, D.C. has to offer!
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