About Me!

Welcome to Crazy about Cupcakes the blog that was born due to an obsession with sweet treats. As a student spending the semester in D.C. I am a collegiate connoisseur of cupcakes, determined to find the best D.C. has to offer and excited to share my favorite finds with you!

Meet the Author


Amy is a midwestern maven, self-proclaimed early bird, and FinalCut femme fatale. You can find her on just about any social media, running trending and taking names. Creighton University claims her, but cannot contain her. Just as sweet as the treats she seeks, Amy is only missing one thing: the perfect cupcake. This site was born to share her quest, with all its hits and misses, with the world.


4 Responses to About Me!

  1. Annie Wayland says:

    Love this Amy!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for blogging about us and the wonderful world of CUPCAKES! It was a pleasure to meet you at the Cupcake Challenge and I wish you much success with your cupcake endeavors. xo

  3. myblogject says:

    Oh Amy, what a wonderful blog. I heart it an awful lot!

  4. Debbie Hughes says:

    Two things I adore….cupcakes and Amy ! I love being able to go to your blog to stay updated and connected to you…..many hugs !

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