Week #1: Georgetown Cupcake

I arrived in Washington, D.C. on January 8th, 2011 in begin my semester in Washington as a journalism student at George Washington University. There are many things to look forward to when moving to a place as cool as Washington, D.C. It’s home to the President, incredible monuments, world famous museums and the best of the best restaurants. For me though, my excitement truly began on the Shuttleride from the airport into the city. Dropping off other passengers here and there, all of a sudden, there it was… Georgetown. Cupcake.  As obsessed with TLC and Food Network as I am, this, was a huge moment. There it was! Georgetown Cupcake! Just as you see on tv! It was from that moment that this blog really began.

Would Georgetown Cupcake live up to all the hype? Is the line outside an indication that I was in for the best cupcake I could ever imagine? I was determined to find out.

On Tuesday, January 26th, I finally got my chance! With my fellow cupcake connoisseur by my side, we gave the classic Birthday Cake cupcake from none other than Georgetown Cupcake a try.

Here is a picture of us excited to try our first DC Cupcake!

Shelle and Amy with Georgetown Cupcakes

As you can tell, we were excited to try these perfect little cupcakes.

The cupcake was a traditional yellow cake with a milk chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles. Although I’m not a huge fan of much frosting along with my cake I decided to take it all in, embracing the occasion.

The Run Down:

Sprinkles: Cute for the occasion and would be perfect for any birthday party.

Frosting: Soft and appealingly shiny, not dull and dried out but sorely lacking in Milk Chocolatey taste.

Cake: Dry. Disappointing. And missing that distinct “yellow” flavor that makes this combination so great.

Overall, here’s my report card for Georgetown Cupcake.

Although it may not have lived up to my expectations, from this experience an idea was born! I am only here in Washington, D.C. for the semester, but I am determined to become the first official collegiate connoisseur of D.C.’s best cupcakes. Each week I will pick a new cupcake bakery to try and blog about the cupcakes I try there. I want to explore D.C., find it’s hidden gems and along with that I am in pursuit of the perfect cupcake. Until next time… 3 cheers for CUPCAKES!!

– The Cupcake Connoisseur ;)


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