Week #10 Cupcake Challenge

Have you ever dreamed of a world filled with cupcakes? Were there cupcakes everywhere you looked, with smiling servants at the ready? Was the heavenly aroma of sugar hanging sweet in the air? Best of all were you able to taste each tantalizing treat and experience the joy of tingling taste buds as you took a bite into each sweet?

The National Capital Area Cake Show made this dream a reality for hundreds of cupcake enthusiasts on Saturday as they hosted the first ever, Cupcake Cocktail Hour. It was absolutely a dream come true! Over 50 bakers brought and displayed their cocktail inspired cupcakes throughout two rooms while guests of the show went around and sampled the most tantalizing. Flavors ranged from Strawberry Daquiri and Pina Colada luau themed drinks, to Hot Toddy, Peach Bellini and many including a mix of mint and Baileys Irish Cream. It was truly a cupcake lover’s dream come true.


A poor attempt at trying to catch the masses of people in search of cupcakes!

Both amateur as well as professional bakers were invited to participate in the evening, with a great balance of each, giving everyone an equal opportunity to wow the crowd who came. There were easily 200 if not more guests in attendance, the lines shoulder to shoulder as we milled past each table, eyes wide and mouths watering. I was still in half marathon mode, more than willing to strike up a conversation with any random stranger around me, excited just to talk about cupcakes!

With 10 different cupcakes I cannot possibly review them all, but I wanted to give a HUGE thank you and shout out to all of the different individuals who I talked with last night. It was so much fun to see the enthusiasm that can build around something as simple as a cupcake, and see how much it can bring so many total strangers together. Hooray for cupcakes! Who knew a cupcake blog would take me so far??

So… Here’s a new type of run-down. Some of the party pics I took last night at the event and just a few of the wonderful people I met! 😀

Frank & Sandy Schmuff from Dessert Abilities (*Frank’s wife Lupita there but not pictured)
Maggie Gilbert from Little Cakes Bake Shop in St. Joseph, Missouri! Opening soon in Herndon, VA!
Amateur cupcake baker Amy Duggins with her incredible Baileys Irish Creme cupcake!
Elizabeth Bankston and Meagan Harmeson from Camouflage Catering Co. with founder Regina Bankston (in blue) based in Grafton/Yorktown, VA
Junnie Han and her beautiful assistant from Indigo Pineapple Custom-made sweet based out of D.C!
Nicole Hoskins from Sugar Refined
Laura Brletic, Owner & Baker of Confections Cupcakery with her beautiful assistants
Bertie from Berties Bakery with her cherry blossom and lemon cupcakes!
Mary and LaTanya Johnson from Pink Piggy Sweets in Ashburn, VA
Jessa and Ron Niekrash enjoying their choice cupcakes from the evening!
Nicole Williams and Rosa Hanks, participants in the first Cupcake Cocktail hour

Unfortunately  I wasn’t able to get a picture of every baker that I talked to but I wanted to make sure to let you all know about all the other great bake shops that were at the event! If anyone has tried them and wants to write a review, please let me know!

Cupcake Heaven

Monica’s Sugar Studio, LLC

Honeybee Bakeshop

AB Cake Design

Frosted Memories

Cakes by Maureen



Cupcakes & Moore

As you can tell, the event was a huge success thanks to the hard work of a lot of people. I am hoping to write something for The Georgetowner about the event so when that happens I will be sure to post it on the blog! Thank you so much for following, I am glad to know there are others who are as crazy about cupcakes as me!

**CORRECTION!** I must give credit where credit is due! This cupcake was Indigo Pineapple’s Peppermint Patty Cupcake. The frosting was absolutely incredible and the presentation so cute!

Next week it’s back to the usual pattern of picking one cupcake shop to review, I really want to know where you all think I should go! Whatever gets the most votes or comments will be the one I choose! Until then… at least 51 cheers for cupcakes!

– Crazier about Cupcakes by the day!



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  1. myblogject says:

    Why oh why has the UK not seen one of these events yet. I am insanely jealous!

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