Week #2: Baked and Wired

As the second week of being a cupcake connoisseur rolled around, a fierce rivalry was brought to my attention. Right down the street from the tv made hype of Georgetown Cupcake was another cutesy cafe with a catchy slogan.  Baked and Wired – get baked!

The bright pink bicycle with a hand basket full of oversized daisies beckons patrons into this cutesy cafe, a warming presence even on the coldest of days. Walking inside is like stepping into a cozy cabin with it’s dark natural walls, and wood floors. The smell of coffee and tea was prevalent, warming my senses as the machines that make them add warmth to the room. And then, I saw it. To my left was a display of cupcakes fit for a princess. Each cupcake on an individual pedestal, covered with a bell jar, giving them the same captivating presence as the rose in Beauty and The Beast.

I paced back and forth in front of the row of baked goods, including cupcakes, brownies,“hippie crack” aka granola, and more but I was on a mission, to find the perfect cupcake so I focused on the task at hand. After some suggestions from the sweet bakery staff I settled on two cupcakes, a Strawberry cupcake for Miss Shelle (home sick with a cold) and a Chocolate Mocha cupcake for myself.

Here’s a picture of the unique and yet captivating presentation of a Baked and Wired cupcake. Carrying those cupcakes home was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do yet this semester. Okay, that may be a bit dramatic but knowing that I had such a delicious treat and had to wait till later to eat it, was no easy task.

Finally, after delivering Shelle’s cupcake to her bedside and getting some dinner myself, it was time to discover whether this cupcake could be the best in D.C. And so, here it is.

The rundown:

Appearance : Although maybe not as aesthetically pleasing as Georgetown Cupcake, I really like that Baked and Wired does their cupcakes differently than in the traditional paper cup. The icing was still artfully swirled over the top and each cupcake was adorned with some type of decoration.

Frosting: I have to say that Baked and Wired’s frosting wins out hands down. Although it wasn’t as build up to make the classic cupcake top, the taste and texture of the frosting on my cupcake was unbelievable.

Cake: As a firm believer in the 4/5 cupcake 1/5 frosting ratio, I was ecstatic that Baked and Wired’s cupcakes fulfilled that desire. A moist and rich chocolate cupcake, I would have been happy to eat just the cake but couldn’t leave the frosting behind.

Overall, here’s my report card.

While it’s only week two in my quest for cupcake perfection, Baked and Wired has certainly set the bar high. Until next week, 3 cheers for cupcakes!

– Crazy About Cupcakes

p.s. If anyone has suggestions of places I should try please comment below, I’m open and ready for any suggestions!



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