Week #5: Sweet Bites Truck

Hello Cupcake Enthusiasts!

I’ve been waiting awhile for week #5 to arrive and it’s finally here! Before coming to this program I had a Twitter account from a social media class I took last spring, but had never really gotten into it or checked it for anything except class assignments. Since coming to DC I was introduced to something called Hootsuite, a twitter ap of sorts that sits in your web browser, nothing to download, just another tab in your browser. I can accurately say that I am hooked. How does this relate to cupcakes you might ask? Because it led me to the amazing… Sweet Bites Truck!

Sweet Bites truck is owned and operated Sandra Panetta, an environmental scientist turned pastry chef. :) I think she got it right this time for sure! I found the Sweet Bites Truck on Twitter, as it is their way of getting the word out to people where the truck will be on any particular day. Finally, since we didn’t have class, I took advantage of the Sweet Bites Truck’s weekly “Farragut Friday” when she parks at 17th and K. Walking up to Farragut Square you can’t help but smile at the big PINK truck parked on the far north side. On the side is a window display of each cupcake, 10 in all, each flavor offered every single day! If you want a mouth watering run-down of them go here!

How could you be anything but happy when walking up to a truck like this??

After determining that it was too hard to pick just one cupcake, Sandra was kind enough to let me sample EACH flavor (!) so that I would have a full grasp of everything she has to offer. I was certainly NOT let down. It was so hard not to bite into the cupcakes right then and there, but I knew I had to go at it strategically to give each cupcake proper judging. So I devised a plan.

Carrot Cake Cupcake

I was having lunch with a good friend of my brother’s, so I brought her twofavorite flavors, carrot cake and chocolate along for the ride. After lunch we began our taste test, cutting each cupcake in half and even going as far as using forks to stop ourselves from inhaling them! I can tell you right now that if you are a fan of carrot cake, this cupcake will blow you away! The cake was melt in your mouth moist, with the flecks of carrot evident, giving an extremely satisfying aesthetic. Guest judge Anika absolutely raved about the chocolate cake and I have to agree with her! The rich belgian chocolate was evident in every bite of the super moist cake as well as buttercream frosting. The perfect combo!


Later that night came the real event, and this photo tells why.

And then…

In proper judging fashion we labeled each of the cupcakes and cut them into bite sized pieces to enjoy each one! Despite being stuffed with cupcakes by the end, it was worth it! The Sweet Bites Truck delivers exceptionally moist cupcakes, with light complimentary frostings that fulfill any cupcake craving perfectly.

Guest Judge Maddie was left speechless by the pumpkin spice cupcake (top far right) while Guest Judge Jared couldn’t talk highly enough about the peanut butter chocolate cupcake which he described as “absolutely perfect”.

And so… with all that, here’s the rundown!

Appearance: Sandra pointed out the simplicity of the Sweet Bites cupcakes, and with good reason! The cupcakes are perfectly adorned to look cute and yet without over the top decorations that take away from the essence of it being a cupcake.

Cake to Frosting Ratio: My personal favorite, the Carrot Cake cupcake, with a maple cream cheese frosting, had the perfect amount of frosting for the amount of cake. With each bite I got a bit of the sweet maple flavor, complimenting the spices and flavors of the carrot cake beneath.

Frosting: Anika as well as Maddie and I were talking about this quite a bit as we sampled the cupcakes because we were so impressed with how light the frosting was. It absolutely made the peanut butter/chocolate cupcake because as peanut butter has a tendency to be heavy, this was light and airy, tasting like a soft Reeses from heaven.

Cake: Finally a super moist and yet manageable cupcake! I have been talking to a lot of people about my hypothesis of big cupcakes being able to retain their moisture better than small cupcakes. Sweet Bites Sandra, you have proved me wrong! These cupcakes were so moist and tender, it makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Overall, here is the report card:

Wow, what a pleasing adventure this cupcakepursuit has turned out to be! Thanks to the Sweet Bites Truck for their curbside hospitality, you truly made my Friday!

So excited to try my prized possessions. Another week with 3 huge cheers for cupcakes!

– Queen of the Cupcakes

To follow Sweet Bites Truck on Twitter or to find out where the truck is located, go to their website for more information!


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