Week #6: Sticky Fingers Bakery

Wow, have I been negligent in posting an exciting review! This past Saturday I planned quite the afternoon adventure including ice skating on the National Mall and then dinner at Sticky Fingers Bakery. Dessert for dinner you might ask? Really Amy, you’ve gone that far? I mean, yes, I probably would go that far buuuuut, Sticky Fingers Bakery serves food AND baked goods, ALL VEGAN!

Natalie, another participant in the program, is vegan and has been waiting to go to Sticky Fingers for quite some time. The exciting thing about them is that not only are the known for being a fully vegan restaurant but they’re also known for CUPCAKES. Needless to say, I was excited to go. :)

Stepping inside the cafe it’s super low-key with an old fashioned display case and all-around diner feel. The tantalizing deserts tease you as you try to keep your eyes on the dinner menu written above in chalk. We each ordered something different off the menu with the intent of sharing everything so we would have a chance to try each one. With our dinners of course we ordered the main event, our cupcakes!

I asked the young man behind the counter which cupcake would be worth featuring in a “Best of D.C. Cupakes” blog and he suggested the Strawberry cream, a flavorful twist on the traditional vanilla.  From the main course of lasagna, mac n cheese, chik’n quesadilla and chik’n ranch wrap to the finishing taste of my cupcake, I was not disappointed by any part of the meal.

The cupcake was absolutely charming, with an adorable teeny tiny bright pink frosting strawberry on top. Despite not having any eggs as a leavening agent, or any cream for frosting, it looked like a totally normal cupcake! Go here if you want to check out how vegan cupcakes are made! I may give them a shot sometime just for the sake of curiosity.

Although they were visually very appealing, the frosting to cupcake ratio was a little much, as it had the traditional “cone” of frosting on top. The frosting itself was very good, a light and airy strawberry cream. Despite taking most of the frosting off to properly proportion it to the cake, I ended up eating the rest of it with a fork. :) The cake was surprisingly moist, my only complaint being that it didn’t have as much of a vanilla flavor as might have liked.

So… Here’s the rundown. 

Appearance: Super cute as you can see from the picture above! It looked like the perfect cupcake and I especially appreciated being able to peel the paper cup off without getting my fingers covered in frosting (picky, I know, but a serious pet peeve!)

Cake to Frosting Ratio: While I understand the desire to give your baked goods the perfect “cupcake” shape, I personally don’t like that much frosting with my cake. It was a 1/2 ratio of cake to frosting when I prefer more of 1/5 ratio :)

Frosting: Great texture and flavor despite not using any cream or butter! Very impressed at the light, soft texture.

Cake: Extremely soft and moist, melted in your mouth but lacking in flavor. It almost tasted like I was eating some kind of corn bread which I love but wasn’t what I was hoping for. I wanted a full bodied truly vanilla cupcake and didn’t feel like I got that.

Overall great experience at Sticky Fingers Bakery. I would absolutely go back for the vegan lasagna (so so good!) but for cupcakes… I think I’m okay with mine being made the good old regular way.  :)

Exciting news: Tomorrow night, I get to attend the GRAND OPENING of Sprinkles in Georgetown!!

Until then… you got it, 3 cheers for cupcakes!

– Crazy Lady


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