Week #8: Something Sweet

It’s funny in life how some things really just work out, and this cupcake adventure was certainly one of those times. The past 6 days have been absolutely amazing as my friends Jane and Matt came to DC to visit me for their spring break! I am on an absolute high from all the fun we had together running around the city, taking ridiculous pictures, driving each other insane, it was perfect.

Saturday was defined by going all over the place after a random start, an obligatory photo session in front of the White House and a delay in tour times meaning we couldn’t go up in the Washington Monument. We made plans early in the day to go to dinner with our friend Kyle and his girlfriend Emma at a pizza place called 2Amys, which has been rated to have some of the best pizza in DC (and has a great name!). Our original frustration at getting there WAY too early turned into an awesome opportunity as what was across the street? A cupcake shop!!

Just last week someone was telling me about a bakery called ‘Something Sweet’ and there we were standing in front of it! I could not have planned it any more perfectly. Walking into the shop it was like stepping into spring with an entire mural of flowers covering the walls. You can’t help but feel cheery when you walk into such a bright shop with the smell of sweets in the air! The over all atmosphere was perfect for sharing a cupcake.

Mural on the wall inside Something Sweet

Matt and Me with our delicious cupcakes!

Naturally, we went inside and decided we’d go for an appetizer of cupcakes. I was thrilled that Matt and Jane wanted to help out in finding DC’s best cupcake and so we each got a different flavor so that we could try more than one. While it was seriously difficult to pick just three, we settled on a mint chocolate cupcake with a junior mint on top, a samoa cupcake inspired by the incredible Girl Scout cookie and a simple vanilla vanilla, trying to find the perfect classic.

As you can tell, I was pretty excited to give all of them a try. The chocolate mint was a combo I was excited about from the get-go because I am a HUGE fan of anything mint and chocolate. Samoas have long been my favorite girl scout cookie so I felt like we couldn’t go wrong with that. Last but not least, the vanilla was a ‘safe’ pick I realize but if you can’t do a classic right how can you get more extravagant? Just sayin… While we all agreed that each cupcake had things we liked and disliked, here’s the general rundown.

Appearance: Well made with cute touches like the junior mint on top, toasted coconut and a simple blue sugar flower appropriate for its setting! The frosting had a smooth appearance and  overall they had the perfect size and shape of the quintessential cupcake.

Frosting: The mint frosting was light and smooth, and although it grew on me, at first it was kind of weird for it to be a butter-cream mint combo. The chocolate was a bit heavy for the samoa cupcake as it ended up dominating the cake rather than complimenting. The vanilla frosting had pretty good flavor but was slightly grainy and therefore a bit disappointing.

Cake: The chocolate cake was hugely addicting, and great with the slightly off buttery mint frosting. The cake on the samoa cupcake was lackluster in flavor as the heavy chocolate icing seemed to over power it. The vanilla cupcake also left something to be desired as the grainy icing put together with a slightly dry cake left me wanting something much more moist and flavorful.

Cake to Frosting Ratio



Cake to Frosting Ratio: While the cupcakes were super cute in the case, once you cut one of the cupcakes in half, the amount of icing was way too much to deal with compared to the amount of cake there. I mean, I’m a big fan of eating straight icing but when I’m eating a cupcake, I’m looking for the perfect combination of both in each bite.

All our delicious 'Something Sweet'(s)!

So… overall, here’s the rundown:

It was a great weekend filled with lots of fun with good friends. I got to see more of the city than I had all semester AND make memories with some of my favorite people while eating cupcakes, can’t get much better than that. :) Can’t wait to be back in Omaha with them next year!

Next week is spring break so I’m going to take a cupcake hiatus (I think that might be an over all good thing :) ) but I will be back in 2 weeks to try more cupcakes! In honor of missing week #9 cupcake … 4 cheers for cupcakes!

– On a sugar (and smiling) high!



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