Week #9 Cupcakes as Carry-On :)

Welcome back cupcake enthusiasts!

I’m sorry that I’ve been so negligent for the past week but I pretty much disconnected from the world for a week while on spring break, it was much needed and absolutely perfect. I do want to thank all of you SO much for being faithful in checking up on the blog however! Friday, March 11th, I had 87 individual people come to my site! That’s the most views ever! It was SO much fun to see the numbers go up and up so keep it coming!

One afternoon, about a week before Spring Break I was on the phone with my Grandmother when she off-hand mentioned, “Well you’re going to bring some to Florida so I can try all the places you’ve gone to right??” What a brilliant idea! From that moment on, I devised a plan to pick up cupcakes from all my favorite cupcake shops on Friday so that Saturday morning I could deliver them into the hands of my most loyal fans. :)

I ended up getting my favorite carrot cake and pumpkin spice cupcakes from the Sweet Bites Truck, a black and white chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing from Sprinkles Cupcakes and a yellow cupcake with dark chocolate frosting from Baked and Wired. I had a specific person in mind when I bought each cupcake, carrot cake for mom, pumpkin spice for grandma, black and white for Katie and vanilla with chocolate because you can’t go wrong with that!

Cross Country Cupcakes just for you!

I couldn’t help but smile as I carried my box of cupcakes through the airport as my carry-on item, amused as the TSA personal asked each other “Wait…are those cupcakes??” as they went through the x-ray machine. I held my precious cargo tight before placing them on the cool floor while we traveled cross country, as far as any of these cupcakes have ever gone before! As I was getting off the plane in Florida, the steward stopped me asking “Mam, what’s in that box?” As I responded sprightly “Cupcakes!” he quickly continued “Um, Mam! We’re going to need you to come back here!” To which I giggled and kept on walking.

Safe and Snug upon arrival!

Nearly immediately after dinner, my grandmother who isn’t even that big into sweets, quickly said “Amy, how about you get those cupcakes and cut them up in to four pieces so we can all try each of them!” She didn’t need to tell me twice! We divvied up my precious cargo and sampled the best cupcakes I’ve found yet in D.C. It was so much fun to share a part of my experience with some of the people who have paid most attention to it despite being so far away. Congratulations Sweet Bites Truck, Sprinkles Cupcakes and Baked & Wired, your delicious sweet treats have now officially gone cross country and gained some serious fans along the way! :)

Cupcakes newest enthusiast :)

I have the best friends and family, thank you for all that you do to support my silly endeavors! This weekend I’m running the DC Half Marathon here in the city (prayers that I don’t get injured mid-race) but I’m thinking a cupcake would be the PERFECT way to refuel after I’m done :) Anyone up for getting cupcakes Saturday afternoon? Let me know where you think I should go!

Until then… 3 BIG cheers for cupcakes!

– Travelin’ with Treats

p.s. The cupcake craze is spreading! Marco Island where I went for spring break is a very small island about 90 miles north of the Florida Keys but they have their own Cupcake Bakery!! Unfortunately I found out about it too late to try it, but talk about evidence that cupcakes are getting bigger and bigger. Right on cupcake lovers, right on!



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