The Cupcake Connection

As the final project for the Semester In Washington Journalism Program, all my classmates and I were instructed to create a Haiku project. These projects were supposed to mimic the idea of a Haiku poem in that they would be short and concise descriptions of ourselves that we would present to the class.

The Cupcake Connection is the result of my Haiku. Although I am social media and digital anything obsessed, more than anything I love writing letters. Thank you letters, thinking about you letters, any kind of letter to make someone smile, I love writing it. The Cupcake Connection expresses for me the idea that cupcakes are so much more than merely a sweet treat. Cupcakes have defined for me a semester spent in Washington DC, where I found a plethora of cupcake entrepreneurs. Being a cupcake connoisseur has led me to one-of-a-kind cupcake events and to forming friendships with perfect strangers.

While Facebook and Twitter allow us to be constantly connected to millions of people all around the world, cupcakes have provided me with a unique opportunity to get to know people in a new way and to share a passion expressed in a tiny bit of flour and frosting. Whether spending time sitting in a cupcake shop, or sending one of these sweet little cards, take a chance and make your very own Cupcake Connection!

Card Front

Card Back

If you would like some cards to write to others and make your own Cupcake Connection please feel free to contact me at


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